Adventure Time Puzzle Quest
Copyright © 2015 D3 Publisher, Cartoon Network, and WayForward Technologies

Match-3 puzzle RPG in the world of Adventure Time.
  • Fight enemies and collect and level-up new heroes. Power-up your party with equipment and potions made through crafting.
  • Play through dozens of quests in several locations found in the Land of Ooo.
  • Link to Google Play Store page
Til Morning's Light
Copyright © 2014 Amazon and WayForward Technologies

Locked inside an old creepy mansion, Erica must discover how to break the mansion's curse and escape by morning.
  • Touch-based horror adventure game full of puzzles, monster combat, and over 100 rooms to explore.
  • Fully voice-acted cinematic story.
  • Link to iTunes App Store page
Copyright © 2013 DigiPen Institute of Technology

In a lonely world of ice and snow, you must figure out how to survive with your partner, whether you're together or apart.
  • "Single-player co-op" game using color and sound to explore human emotions
  • Synchronize your movements with the AI partner to solve puzzles and explore the environment
Soul of the Machine
Copyright © 2012 DigiPen Institute of Technology

Lost in a world of machines, a lone, sentient robot explores the rather inhuman land in search for the last human life.
  • Third-person adventure puzzle platformer
  • Ride along rails between mechanical set pieces and collect energy
Project Albatross
Copyright © 2012 DigiPen Institute of Technology

Take control of a janitorial robot tasked with cleaning a radioactive spill aboard an abandoned spaceship.


Game Programming, Game Design
Languages: C/C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, GLSL, XML, JSON
AI Techniques: A* Pathfinding, Behavior Trees, State Machines, Steering, Genetic Algorithms
Software: Unity, Microsoft Office, Adobe CS5, Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Subversion
Platforms: Windows, Android, FireOS, iOS

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest
Jan 2015 – Dec 2015

Gameplay Programming
* Front-end UI and menu navigation
* Game systems design and implementation
* Developed editor tools for quest design, map layout and presentation
Til Morning's Light
March 2014 – Jan 2015

Gameplay Programming
* Designed and implemented touch input types and variations for combat system
* Built modular tutorial system to hook into various game systems
* Designed and constructed tile-based slide-and-swap minigame, including original 2D engine architecture and procedural sprite FX system
Jan 2013 – May 2013

Gameplay, AI and Tools Programming, Game Design
* Worked on team of 7 as gameplay/AI programmer and engine programmer
* Collaborated with designers in implementing their concepts and prototypes
* Designed and created behavior tree AI architecture for robust behavior design of AI agents
Soul of the Machine
Sept 2012 – Dec 2012

Gameplay and Tools Programming
* Worked on team of 13 in charge of gameplay programming, world design, and the level editor
* Implemented spline traversal and 3rd person platforming mechanics
Project Albatross
Jan 2012 – May 2012

Gameplay Programming, Game Design
* Built level creation tools, trigger system, and serialization system
* Developed game engine from scratch in C++

Gameplay Programmer
March 2014 – Present

WayForward Technologies
* Implemented gameplay features using Unity and C#
* Worked with designers and artists in integrating different systems and animations, and to establish a consistent look and feel
* Performed constant iteration and refinement on gameplay systems
Teaching Assistant, Curriculum Developer
May 2012 – Aug 2012

ProjectFUN; Redmond, Washington
* Curriculum development for junior (ages 8-18) mathematics and game design workshops
* Aided in the instruction of grade school students in programming and game design practices
Digital Content Specialist, Volunteer Coordinator
Aug 2009 – Aug 2010

AmeriCorps VISTA - New York City Department of Education
* Developed and maintained website highlighting student community service
* Collaborated with NYC public agencies in establishment of city-wide initiative to increase volunteerism in NYC public schools
May 2008-Aug 2008

Port Authority of NY and NJ; Jersey City, New Jersey
* Developed roll-call attendance system for PA police department using VBA and XML
* Collaborated with police department in design and production of library cataloguing system

Master of Science, Computer Science
Dec 2013

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
May 2009

Binghamton University, State University of New York

About Me

I'm a game developer. Whether it's programming or design, my everyday life involves the creation of games. I aspire to build meaningful experiences through the use of interactive digital media.